SprayTech Hose Cover

The SprayTech Hose Cover is a high resistant insulated vinyl jacket that protects your high-pressure wires and fluid hoses from extensive damages.

The SprayTech product engineers designed it, taking into consideration the continuous feedback of the spray foam contractors throughout Canada and USA. So, they achieved to produce a reliable, ergonomic and useful spray foam hose cover.

  • Why contractors use the hose cover?

The main goal of the insulated hose cover is to protect the spray hoses from sticky spray foam stains, to avoid their degeneration from continuous frictions situations and make them visible in any light conditions. All spray foam contractors have at least once worked under dark or low light conditions, therefore the reflective stripes were a must-have characteristic on the SprayTech Hose Cover. These also mean the maintenance frequency is low and the lifespan of the spray foam gun is higher. 

  • What the spray foam hose is made of?

We totally understand how significant it is for you to have stress free work, and considering this, we designed a reliable spray foam hose cover destined for professionals. It is made of enforced, reliable and at the same time flexible vinyl material. We are aware that the spray foam insulation is applied under harsh weather conditions so the foam heated hoses cover accessories must be tough enough to keep up with alike situations.  

  • The details of the SprayTech Hose Cover

The products of SprayTech are designed to give immediate results and have long term positive impact as well. The heated hoses cover is suitable for spray foam insulation contractors who are looking for high quality insulation products and accessories. If your heated hose set is used without a SprayTech Gun Cover, the maintenance time increases dramatically and you will end up changing the heated hose very soon. The heated hose cover protects them from such potential damages and also makes it easy to use and clean after use.

Keeping the spray foam heated hoses in good condition, means less unexpected  work delays and also the maintenance hours are reduced. These all consist in better job completion time, less repair expenses, less labour time and higher profitability.

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