SprayTech Stud Stick

The SprayTech Stud Stick, is contractors’ ace up their sleeve and we mean it. All the spray foam technicians know how much time consuming is the cleaning process of the spray foam after the work is done. By utilizing the advanced formula of the SprayTech Stud Stick, you don’t allow the spray foam to stick on the studs and there is when the magic happens.   

  • Why contractors use the Stud Stick?

The spray foam contractors in Canada and USA are using the SprayTech Stud stick because it is an extra tool to minimize the completion time of an insulation project. If you ask how that happens, the answer is because the SprayTech Stud Stick doesn’t allow the sprayed insulation to stick permanently on the wood surface. Therefore when the insulation work is finished, the insulation technicians can remove the overspray instantly. 

When the Stud Stick is used, the technicians save a considerable amount of time and effort to remove the unwanted insulation stains on the studs.

  • What the Stud Stick is made of?

The SprayTech Stud Stick is patented and its ingredients are a result of long term experiencial observations and  scientific research. Nothing was an overnight success, but our belief in more productive spray foam work pushed us to come up with new innovative solutions. The ingredients of the SprayTech Stud Stick are eco-friendly oil based. While the Stud Stick package was created by having as a principle the minimum waste footprint. Choose the SprayTech Stud Stick because it is worthy and your work is worthy more. 

  • The bottom line of the Stud Stick

The best way to find out the numerous advantages of the Stud stick is to try it and see yourself the real impact it will have on your spray foam work process. Or you can ask the hundreds of the spray foam technicians that have used our cleaning tool. With the SprayTech Stud Stick, you work faster, better and you save money and time.

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