The story

Inspired by spray foam contractors

Our genesis was empowered by you, the spray foam professionals. That’s why our motto is “Inspired by Spray Foam Contractors”. Your commitment to high quality service and will to surpass any barrier, has pushed us to great achievements.  

At SprayTech Innovation, we stand for making the process of spray foaming more convenient and more profitable. We don’t only improve the existing spray foam equipment but we also ideate, design and bring to life new spray foam accessories that assist insulation contractors in Canada and USA. 

When the Spraytech Innovation team starts the concept stage till we reach the production stage, we always bear in mind how the final spray foam accessory will benefit the contractor or insulation installer. For, the process of creating new spray foam products and accessories starts from listening carefully to what contractors say and what problems they face daily. That is our inspiration and our continuous drive which directs us to creative brainstorming. Then, they result in smart and practical solutions, made with durable and eco-friendly materials.

At SprayTech Innovation we have faced many obstacles but we never gave up because we always knew that we were making more than just professional insulation tools and accessories. We were convinced that we were giving an extra hand to ambitious people who wanted to provide great spray foam services and provide high value to customers.

Some of our spray foam accessories and tools we proudly produce are the gun cover, the hose cover, weather barrier and stud stick.  

It is amazing seeing peoples’ dreams come true and even more excited having contributed in their journey.

the backbone

Our philosophy

Our mission is to empower the spray foam contractors and professionals with the right spray foam accessories and tools. To make their work easier and give them competitive advantage.

At SprayTech Innovation our vision is to see more and more spray foam professionals using innovative spray foam accessories and tools and become the leaders in the industry.

Our values are common but very powerful. We believe in innovative, efficient, practical, qualitative and affordable spray foam accessories and tools.


What we accomplished



our Amazing team

Our successful journey wouldn’t have been such without our magnificent team. The core team comprises engineers, designers, chemists, spray foam specialists, insulation contractors…etc.  On that journey, our team has developed extensive networks, knowledge, experience and appreciation for the industry. Also, we have gone hand in hand with the spray foam industry evolution since its market premiere and that has helped us to accumulate a tone of experience in the spray foam and insulation realm. Therefore the SprayTech team has turned to be a spray foam insider. 

Our team knows what are the challenges that the insulation contractors face, we know what is their main pain, we know what would make their work easier. And so we try to implement such knowledge in products exclusively made for insulation professionals. 

The SprayTech team has proven that the insulation contractors’ problems feed our thoughts for productivity in the creation process. We are always open to interacting with contractors and helping them to come up with smart insulation tool solutions.

All those years we have seen the landscape switch from a new technology into a leading market standard.

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