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Being part of the spray foam business for many years and interacting with hundreds of spray foam contractors throughout North America, made us to well understand that the spray foam process can be done better. It was obvious that important things were missing and the contractors would lose money and time from those deficiencies. 

Before SprayTech Innovation was created, we conducted a thorough analysis which showed us that this is going to be a great industry but to achieve its potential, it needed some tweaks. What we noticed was that some spray foam tools and accessories were missing. For, the spray foam contractors were doing their work inefficiently and with lower productivity. Consequently we felt the need to help the spray foam professionals by providing them the right spray foam accessories and tools and make their job easier.

The story

Our genesis was empowered by you, the spray foam professionals. That’s why our motto is “Inspired by Spray Foam Contractors”. Your commitment to high quality service and will to surpass any barrier, has pushed us to great achievements.
At SprayTech Innovation, we stand for making the process of spray foaming more convenient and more profitable. We don’t only improve the existing spray foam equipment but we also ideate, design and bring to life new spray foam accessories that assist insulation contractors in Canada and USA…

The proof

“When I first saw the products of spraytech I was very hesitant, I didn’t believe it would make any difference but I ended up being totally wrong. I bought the spray foam gun cover and it was an awesome insulation accessory because it protected the gun from spray foam stains, it minimized the maintenance time, it would preserve the gun for a long time and all those meant less labour hours, faster work and less expenses. Not to mention that the gun looked stylish. SpayTech products are definitely worthy. “

 John Lee.

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At SprayTech Innovation we believe that we are a colorful community of achievers, of insulation professionals who want to go above and beyond. The members of the SprayTech Innovation community get that feeling of solidarity, contribution, greatness and uniqueness. Once you become our customer or partner, you also become part of a wide network of spray foam professionals who are devoted to providing exceptional services. And as such, to take care of every detail of the spray foam process and use the right spray foam accessories and tools.

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